Bandai Namco’s Syndicate Franchise Is Getting a TV Anime – News


Bandai Namco EntertainmentAnd Bandai Namco FilmworksAnd Bandai Souls He announced this on Tuesday Syndicate The project will also have a television anime. The companies released the teaser video below depicting the anime.

Cast included And Koza black, Nagisa Awama such as torrents and MAO like snow

The companies also announced this on Tuesday FranchiseA third person shooter game that starts with play station 5 and Xbox Series X S and PC (above steam) this year.

sony Game Description:

The year is 2222 Years have passed since the Tears of the New Moon, a mysterious rain, poured down and nearly wiped out all of humanity. The toxic rain spawns deformed creatures that devour humans and humanity flees from danger. As a means of survival, humans then build an underground sanctuary; Amaziah. In this sad new city, in their quest for survival, they encounter an artificial intelligence known as Magus. Not knowing how things will work between them, the story begins of how humans and artificial intelligence coordinate and try to figure out their case.

herd come onof Yusuke Futami It’s like a game manufacturer. Misc (Augmented Reality Mädchen Triplecharacter series “Wallander”) character designs and Ibi Jibo (Mobile Suit Gundam: Mercury WitchAnd AMAIM fighters on the border) you do glimpse designer.

They are: Comedy Natalie

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