Banish Bing and speed up Windows 10 search with this simple hack



Microsoft has a tendency to force feed its services and technologies onto users by baking them into Windows 10, like its Edge browser, antivirus scanner (Defender), and Bing search engine. It is easy enough to find alternatives, except with Bing, which attaches itself to local search results in Windows 10 like a headcrab. Fortunately, there is a way to remove it.

Granted, not everyone will want to extricate Bing from local search queries. It can serve as a handy way to fetch information without invoking your web browser of search. Typing “Covid 19” into the search bar, for example, brings up several potential relevant search results, as well as a list of stats in your area. Likewise, if you are curious whether the Heat or Lakers won last night, just type “NBA Finals” into search and you will get a quick-hit answer, with the final score.


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