Batosta for Android: They’re all switching to iOS | The data speaks for itself



The iPhone is still growing in popularity, even among Android users. Apple’s record numbers last quarter

Android e iOS Split over the years mobile sectorThe former surpassed the rival “Apple” for the number of devices present in the market.

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iOS is still growing (AdobeStock)

On the other hand, the numbers don’t lie: the (usually) four or five new iPhones presented by Apple every year (of which four belong to the same family, and one SE version) are matched by many. Smartphone Android (Concluded in chronological order OnePlus 10T 5G) that crowd the telephony market on a monthly or even weekly basis.

However, the gap is different Android e iOS has shrunk in recent years, ensuring that Apple’s greater openness and some of iOS’s features seem to have penetrated even owners of a device powered by Google’s operating system.

explained by Tim CookApple’s CEO, on the sidelines of the earnings conference in the third quarter of 2022, the American company increased its turnover by two percent compared to the same period in 2021. A push that has run for nearly four years, with Android’s popularity declining Going from 77.32% to current 69.74%.

We still face a situation of dominance, mind you, but it’s interesting to note The growing popularity of iOS Also by users associated with “Green Robot”. Apple’s parting words are unequivocal: “We’re setting a record for the June quarter, a record that includes not only revenue, but also the number of “converters” to iPhones.said Tim Cook.

iOS market share is increasing

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Apple’s Quarterly Record (AdobeStock)

On the one hand it has the awareness of having a rather cohesive user base with many owners iPhone Still reluctant to switch to Android (iPhone SE 2022 Also born and above all to break through those users who are still in possession of an old fashioned iPhone, such as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 or the first generation iPhone SE.

As highlighted by Tim Cook, Apple’s revenue growth is closely related to iOS-related market share growth, from 15% to 18% pass. At a certain historical moment and with a sector, the mobile one, has been in contraction for several years, also thanks to the absence of significant hardware innovation. And it is precisely in this context that New software And Apple’s willingness to experiment with operating systems other than Android is a driving force behind accelerating sales.


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