Battlefield 2042 Bankruptcy, DICE makes tough decisions


Battlefield 2042 is facing a particularly difficult time, and of course DICE’s latest decision confirms this trend.

It should have been a video game at the same time revolutionary but able to bring back the glory of the past. Battlefield 2042. The story of the latest video game FPS The most famous and beloved in the world, really many fans all over the world. After a chapter V. Not exactly great, the return to modern warfare will eventually bring the game back to the level of the past, precisely 4. But the situation was nothing short of horrific, with many gamers who were disappointed with the title.

Battlefield 2042 Bankruptcy, DICE makes tough decisions

Battlefield 2042 was not and still does not live up to its name. It carries a really heavy legacy on its shoulders, which though it has not been able to hold, as the video game has historically enthusiasts and newcomers to the DICE story equally disappointed. As we have reported Video review, In fact, the title is too crude, poorly defined. Very few weapons, very few maps and a very poor overall design.

Battlefield 2042, DICE makes a difficult decision

The situation with FPS is really fragile. Just think that there are some countries where A single gamer controls the entire national server, Indicates the rules and thus determines who can and cannot play video games Certainly not a good situation, which actually continues to negatively affect the game. And now, after a huge update hitting Battlefield 2042, the situation certainly hasn’t improved. So far so many are slowly leaving the title and there are no more than a handful of people who are continuing the title, for a little fun, a little ridicule, a little because the better you are, the better you are. At least in the DICE title, which actually reduced several models from 128 to 64 in-game players.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone

Now the situation is more complicated. And indeed, the DICE development team has announced that one of the game’s most important modes will no longer be supported: Risk zone. “All of us on the development team had high hopes for this new battlefield experience, but we were the first to raise our hands and admit that nBattlefield 2042 did not find its placeThe developers said. “Beyond correcting critical errors and serious issues, We will no longer develop new content for this method.

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