Battlefield 2042 forces DICE to block development of other video games


Battlefield 2042 is causing problems for DICE, which has officially blocked the development of other projects.

The bigger they get, the louder they fall. And that’s what happened with it Battlefield 2042Its latest FPS Six Which was said to revive the fortunes of an IP that hasn’t been going very well in recent years, indeed. Later Battlefield d Really fantastic and still considered one of the best titles in the series, Chapter V didn’t really satisfy everyone, but it was still a good game overall. With Battlefield 2042, the developers have returned to where they dominated in the past, talking about today’s wars, contemporary weapons and tactics very close to us. Unfortunately, however, the result was nothing more than exciting.

Battlefield 2042 forces DICE to block development of other video games

The title could not be fully believed by gamers and for this reason many have abandoned it and gradually the servers have emptied in an alarming way. And even in our video reviews we were pretty tough. We told you the whole thing last month, which we can define as a real escape from Battlefield 2042 that involved most disgruntled gamers. The good news doesn’t end there.

In the future of DICE, there are only battlefields for the moment

Like any major video game developer, DICE doesn’t just have a video game. Of course it can be said that Battlefield is the spearhead of the Swedish studio founded in 1992, but their stock is bigger and more complex. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t soon see a DICE game that isn’t related to the battlefield world. Make sure it is Rebecca Cottage, The new manager Swedish brand.

Battlefield 2042

“We are only focusing on Battlefield 2042. There is no time for anything else and that is what we want to do.”Said the executive in An interview with Gamesindustybiz. Foreses plans for the future “In three years” From “Becoming a first-person shooter powerhouse is what it says it deserves to be, and that’s what we’re aiming for.”. You were among those who want a new one The edge of the mirrorFor example, you may have to give up all hope for a while.

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