Bayonet’s voice actress issued a statement regarding the controversy



The Bayonetta 3 game has been the subject of controversy for days, since its original voice actress announced in a video that she would be paid very little to record the entire video game. He thus urged fans not to buy the video game, even mentioning current voice actress Jennifer Hale without any blame. After that, Hale issued a statement on his social networks, in which he supported the right of interpreters to be paid a decent amount for their work, as well as encouraging fans to acquire their copies. Well, it addresses an interesting topic, where the entire team behind its creation is eager to see fans pregnant with love in the title. However, due to the confidentiality agreement, he also commented that he cannot give many details. Here’s what he had to say: Regarding Bayonetta 3, as a longtime member of the voice acting community, I support the right of all actors to be paid well and have advocated for continuity for years. Anyone who knows me, or has followed a career, will know that I am very respectful of my peers and an advocate for all members of the community. I am under NDA and am not at liberty to talk about this situation. My reputation speaks for itself. I sincerely request that everyone remember that this game is made by a whole team of hard working and dedicated people and I hope that everyone will be open minded about what they have created. Ultimately, I hope that all involved can resolve their differences amicably and respectfully. With love and respect to you all, Jennifer Hale About Bayonetta 3: — Jennifer Hale (@jhaletweets) October 17, 2022 Remember that Bayonetta 3 will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 28th. Via: Nintendo Everything
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