Bayonetta 3 was a semi-open world




It’s been a couple of weeks since then Bayonetta 3 It was released, adhering to a hack and slash experience that has been praised by fans of the video game genre. And while the title is pretty valuable, it’s been rumored that maybe the quest is going to go the other way, semi-open world to the delight of fans.

inner Imran Khan He claimed that the game was “announced too early” and that the pandemic and the director’s departure left the title’s development in a rather uncertain state. However, according to Imran, one of the main reasons the game took so long to release was because “it was considered a semi-open world game at one point in development.”

Here is what he commented:

The design was going to take advantage of Astral Chain more than Nier Automata, but the idea was that a big hub world would send Bayonetta (or whoever) to different worlds that would be quite open. Probably a good benchmark for Super Mario 64. A lot of work and experimentation went into this idea, but it fell apart in terms of speed and eventually Nintendo wanted to scale them up. I heard it didn’t work particularly well on Switch hardware.

Something that was said was that the idea would have been scrapped due to performance issues, since the idea was so ambitious that the switch components couldn’t get the job done. Still thinking of doing something similar Super Mario 64 With entrances to different terrains this is something that is definitely worth doing.

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Publisher’s Note: Obviously seeing these open worlds could be something that many would have wanted for a video game. However, the title comes out with unmatched quality.


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