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A couple of weeks ago there was some controversy Bayonetta 3, especially with Helena TaylorThe voice actress who played the first two games and also the witch Umbra More crushed crushed brother. And now, with his follow-up to boycotting the game, he’s given a list of organizations to donate to instead of spending on video games. switch.

Although there is not much problem with this, there is a certain recommended branch that can create a certain degree of controversy, especially in the case of the female gender, since one of the companies on the list is an anti-abortion clinic. bears this name kentucky teamand promotes that people of the female gender choose not to undergo this biological exclusion.

Former Bayonetta actress Helena Taylor, who called on fans to boycott Bayonetta 3 in a video that was later shown to be misleading, has posted a list of charities she wants fans to donate to. The list includes a Kentucky group that runs anti-abortion billboards.

It is to be noted that apparently the actress testified against him Bayonetta 3 And his work team lied a bit, since he mentioned that the entire video game would be paid around $4,000 USD. Thus, everything was denied with a document that this money was going to be per session, a total of 5 and potentially $15,000 USD for the entire title.

Remember that Bayonetta 3 Already on sale.

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Publisher’s Note: With all the publicity the actress gives the game, it will achieve the complete opposite, becoming one of the console’s biggest hits. Personally, I’m already waiting for my copy to arrive by parcel.


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