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A few weeks ago, it premiered hulu its movie victimwhich serves as a sequel hunterA science fiction franchise that has been in the market for many years, and now, the company confirms that this premiere has been the most successful in the history of its page, as millions of users have started watching the filming.

According to the company Nielsen, victim Over 585 million minutes were watched in its first three days, meaning subscribers hulu More than 5.8 million views Disney+ 1.306 million minutes watched, and unpublished y purple heart inside Netflix They watched 1.014 million minutes and 828 million minutes.

When these kinds of numbers are present in streaming or in theaters, it’s clear that a sequel should be made, which happened with the Sonic the Hedgehog movies. So Pree can perfectly prepare for a second part, with more action and mystery that made this first chapter of the story so great and interesting.

'Prey' Makers Bring Long-Awaiting Prequel to 'Predator', Story's Most Authentic Episode to Life - Los Angeles Times

Even actresses Amber Midunder, Speaking of possible sequels:

For people to respond so positively on that level, I feel very honored by that. I feel very excited. I don’t know what the plans are for the future, but I believe in whatever the decision is. Dan (Trachenberg, director) spent a lot of time developing it with the 20th century. Obviously, it was all used to create something really cool. I’m sure no one will do anything again unless it’s amazing. So I think whatever happens, I think it will be the right choice.

Note that the film is available Star Plus in our area.

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