Ben Affleck’s return as Batman sent fans into a frenzy


One of the great unknowns for fans of the universe DC In the films it is the change of actors, as some left on their own decisions, and others were expelled from their roles. In the actor’s case stupid, It has always been mentioned that it will be discontinued batmanAnd now, once again, it is clear that this fact is far from becoming a reality.

It was also mentioned a few days ago that he will have a role in it Flash next to the stars Michael Keaton. But this was not his last participation, as fans around the world soon learned that he would also have a star appearance with Batfleck. Jason Momoa In its sequel Aquaman , Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, A source of passion for many.

It was his own Momoa Who gave a surprise, as he shared a picture of the two in the studio Warner Bros. Pictures. Here you can see it:

Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 08.00.49

Given this, waves of fans responded positively TwitterLeaving messages of relief and passion for its arrival bat spot. Here are the best comments:

I see Ben Affleck returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Aquaman 2 and The Flash.

How great! Batflake is back!

Will Ben Affleck return as Bruce Wayne in AQUAMAN 2? Music to my ears.

Remember that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom The next one opens March 17, 2023.

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