BeReal plans to launch a premium version to monetize after surpassing “classic” social networks –


BeReal Sta such as achieving success As never before in recent weeks, and the result is that to stay The developer is really great. They even thought of a paid version; what will introduce again?

Very soon the application will reach the stage –

BeReal, which is the new social media based on photos and videos for the uninitiated, is achieving tremendous success It has become so popular that developers are considering adding paid features to their apps, which we all know are currently free. and in between, Instagram e tick tock Preparing to emulate the French social network with new features.

But nothing seems as original as BeReal’s ideas, which is why it’s believed it could start monetizing by incorporating in-app purchases, which should look like existing subscriptions. conflict, a platform where there is a monthly fee to get bonuses. If you choose to enable this system, you can avoid invasive ads in the feed and leave the app’s basic functionality free. But now let’s remember what BeReal is: let’s move on.

New concept for BeReal and counter attack of Instagram and TikTok

Viral leaves social behind "Classic" Consider launching a premium version for monetization
BeReal continues to improve –

i i l Social media It asks its customers to post a photo, once a day and at a specific time, with a time limit of 2 minutes available to share the shot. It is also possible to publish at other times with the awareness that you will have significantly less visibility. In this sense, users, at the same time, decide to upload certain photos and videos.

But while waiting to understand whether or not a BeReal Premium, meanwhile, we can say that the biggest priority of the platform is to improve the user experience, including correcting the technical problems caused by the simultaneous exposure of millions of users. Especially since competing social networks have started copying its features and preparing a competition that has never been seen before

We do not say this: we are currently seeing with it now On, or with, TikTok IG candid For example on Instagram. We want to focus on this point since the new Instagram functionality will have a mechanism similar to BeReal: open a 2-minute window without notifying users and inviting them to publish a photo to gain more visibility.

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