BeReal, this is the social network that spawned the gen Z –


The Gen Z sta spingendo numbers in the download on a social network multi-particle: if BeReal treats, with a crescita monster of 315%

L’esercito della Gen Z. The most influential of the classics The app is more scarlet than smartphones and the “caso” TikTokpremiata da AppAnnie There are more applications in vogue during the naturalistic scourge, at least in the inequitable mode. There is a set of steps that will always meet the preferences of the most giovani and quello dei social network: non a caso, infatti, la stessa piattaforma chinese e le classiche alternative (come Facebook e Instagramin the first game) domino contact with the app with a maggio number download their mobile disposable.

BeReal is one of the most scarce social network apps from Gen Z in the first quarter of 2022 (Unsplash).

The amount of social network presentations and even panoramas for mobile phones far outweighs the need for a standardized setting and pooled all the newcomers, but in reality it is not very convenient in this mod. The curiosity of Gen Z and the new features of the new service – but with a tendency in the trend and the moda – the specialty of the ribalta service apparently sconces but impresses the tempo with a great passage on the web ever more crescent. Lo ha dimostrato la stessa TikTok Negotiable annihilation scorsi and loa dimostrando ai giorni nostri un’ltra valida app social che prende il nome di BeRealavailable for free App Store e Play Store.

If you are dealing with a social network multi-particle in which the idea is fond of ella quella di Publish almano a post al giorno If you share with your friends, they will try their best to find out what they are looking for at the moment or what they want to do. Valorizing this obitivo, BeReal permette di This photo was taken contemporaneously by the camera’s posterior and posteriorproprietary perch will be able to convey with our nostro stato d’animo – magari espresso da una faccia imbronciata, oppure felice o curiosa – e uno fotografia del contesto circostante.

BeReal, the number of records in the first quarter of 2022

È It is important to keep a distinguished peculiarity BeReal: a contrast on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, we can’t program the contentma dovremo Public entry due to minutiae of rice The notifications in the publications, which will automatically show in the system and in Orari Casual. In addition, users will not be able to visualize the photo of the other fancier without revealing the property.

These are the dinosaurs BeReal As soon as attending to the Gen Z, which is inconsistent with the scarcity of the app from scarso anno and solitao marzo ha raggiunto i 2 million downloads. The new social network, sviluppato in Francia, sfiora il 315% The top points of the collateral dietro ai “Big Four” Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are the most scarce app in the first quarter of 2022 from the territories of Uniti, Regno Unito and Francia.

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