Berlin hosts the first “A Million Wasis to Survive” – ​​State of Survival Event – Pixel.


FunPlus, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, and its studio, Kings Group, hosted the “A Million Ways to Survive” event in Berlin on June 25. Fans of the free-to-play mobile game had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an extreme survival experience with themed activities set in the apocalyptic world of the state of survival, winning great prizes and chatting with the developers behind their favorite game.

The event took place in an unprecedented location: the iconic Tufelsburg, which was completely redesigned to represent an apocalyptic zombie scene from the game. Within the dark and twisted walls of Teufelsberg, players had the opportunity to experience a personalized escape room and participate in a state-of-the-art quiz, both of which were rewarded with great prizes such as a Huawei Band 4 Pro and Freebuds 4i. The State of Survival Development Team had the opportunity to answer some questions from the German community, exchange views with them and note down their suggestions.

The event was an opportunity to celebrate some of the major milestones of the State of Survival, which reached 1.4 million new installations in the German-speaking community in 2021 (with an average of 200,000 new players in the region each month). The German community was particularly involved in killing 199,436,967 zombies, training 103,388,723,313 troops and collecting 260,355,851,608,438 food units.

“State of Survival was a remarkable 2021 and we were thrilled to be able to personally celebrate this event with our beloved community.” Enric Cabestany, vice president, says publications for FunPlus Europe and LATAM. “We hope this event will be the first of many around the world and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to get to know the State of Survival players of this enthusiastic community better.”

State of Survival is available for both iOS and Android.

You can find photos from the “State of Survival Tour” event in Teufelsburg here. Here.

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