Best portable SSD of 2020: top external solid state drives


The demand for the best external SSDs has grown over the years, as they’ve become an integral part of many people’s computer setup. Even the more casual users are moving away from traditional hard copies, needing more storage space for their digital files and high-resolution media. Expanding one’s computer’s storage space, therefore, is the new norm, especially for laptop users who don’t quite have as much of it.

Of course, the best external SSDs are handy for other things as well. For one, they keep your files portable and easy to take with you when you’re traveling. And, unlike portable hard drives, they have no moving parts so they’re faster and less likely to break, keeping your files protected even when you’re constantly on the go. Finally, quite a few of them have a rugged build as well, so they can survive falls, drops and even the harshest elements.

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