Best web hosting 2020: Run your website or blog smoothly and easily



There’s no getting around the fact that running a website takes some dedication — trust us, we’d know. If you’re aiming to be anything more than a friends-and-family blog, and want to end up with readers in the tens of thousands or beyond, the platform you host your website on is extremely important.

Whether from the point of view of stability and site speed, or that of keeping costs as reasonable as possible, the better deal and service you can get, the easier your life will be. Keeping that benefit in mind, we’ve scoured the market to examine some of the leading service providers in web hosting, and have compiled a list of big-hitters for you to consider if you’re looking for a new contract. 

In each case we’ll let you know what they do well, and why you might like to sign up to have them host your website. 

Our pick of the best web hosts available today


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