Bethesda responds to Doom Eternal composer’s complaint




A few weeks ago, the composer of its soundtrack destiny eternal, Mick gordon, made some pretty strong statements about the company, including that they owe him half his salary. And now, in a new statement, Bethesda He cleared the whole thing up as a misrepresentation that he probably wanted to smear.

The company said gordon Its team is mischaracterized and misrepresented Id Software And that Bethesda unequivocally supports Marty Stratton, Chad MossholderAudio designer and his team Id Software.

Here is the translation of the statement:

Mick Gordon’s recent post caricatured and misrepresented the ID Software team, Doom Eternal developers Marty Stratton and Chad Mossholder with a one-sided and unfair account of an irreconcilable professional relationship.

We know all the details and history on this and we wholeheartedly support Marty, Chad and the ID Software team. We reject distortions of truth and selective presentation of incomplete “facts”. We are ready with fully documented evidence to disclose at appropriate places if required.

Statements posted online included threats of harassment and violence against Marty, Chad, and the ID Software team Any threats or harassment directed at our team members will be responded to immediately and with appropriate measures to protect their health and safety.

We are incredibly proud of ID Software’s previous collaboration with Mick Gordon and ask fans to refrain from attacking themselves and more importantly, anyone mentioned in any piece, including Marty, Chad or Mick.

gordon have a long history of working with Id inside Wolfenstein And with later destiny 2016. He is currently listed as the composer for the upcoming game. nuclear heartWhich promises to be one of the best at launch

via: IGN


Editor’s note: This sort of thing usually happens a lot in the industry, something was also revealed with the creator of Balan Wonderland, stating that Square Enix wanted to release the game before it was completely finished. This is one of the reasons why it fails.


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