Better to buy old high-end or new mid-range? I am telling you my opinion



If you are in doubt between the new mid-range or the old high-end, I help you choose.

Better to buy old high-end or new mid-range?  I am telling you my opinion

We are in difficult times. Gas, electricity, petrol and food bills are skyrocketing. In this environment of constant tension we can also think about what might happen in the short, medium or long term.

The back of the Sony Xperia 1 III

Mobile phones like the Xperia 1 III are a great option for professionals

Let’s imagine that we want to change our mobile phone. A question may arise in this situation, which mobile should I choose? Better an old high-end or a new mid-range? Let me give you my perspective to help solve this dilemma.

Before thinking about what kind of mobile to buy, think about what kind of user you are

What you should do is know yourself. Ask yourself a question. What do I use mobile for? It depends on your profile, we can reach a clear decision on this before deciding which mobile to buy.

I use mobile to talk, sometimes take pictures and surf the internet or network

If you are one of the people who answered something like the previous title, I don’t think you need to have the latest mobile phone model. Many mid-ranges today have very balanced specifications that can help you in your daily life without spending a lot of money on this type of terminal.

I use mobile to work with him

If you are a photographer or video editor and you constantly work with your phone, You shouldn’t think too much about it. Look for a higher end, but not just any high-end. Look for one that focuses on the photographic field. Sony Xperia 1 IV or similar phone iPhone 14 Pro They are a great option for people like you.

Back of Xperia I IV

Xperia has always been at the top of the range for professionals

But, as we said in the title, if we want to choose between a new mid-range or an old high-end, look for an old top of the range, preferably from last year so that can help you.

I use mobile to play

In this section we enter the world of gaming. Although it is true that gaming mobiles are usually not the lightest on the market, so Portability will be affected, they are a great option if you are a person who plays constantly. In this sense, the best thing you can do is look for a top-of-the-range gaming mobile.

Xiaomi Blaxk Shark 4 Pro Neon

The Xiaomi Lox black Shark is generally a good gaming phone at a decent price

If you buy a gaming mobile it will be a safe bet for years to come With lots of RAM and especially with the latest processors. Also keep an eye out for brands. Go for a brand that is known for having decent and really good gaming phones

I use mobile to watch a lot of content from movies, series or videos

Don’t overthink. Save and try to buy one The front panel of the mobile is very good. Not because of the size, but because of the quality of the screen. You will enjoy video content like never before.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE color screen

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has one of the best screens on the market today

There are quite a few new mid-ranges that might meet your expectations, but in this case I’d say you can still opt for an older top of the range, which usually has very good panels.

Set a maximum budget that you can contribute or save for next year

Be calm. You don’t have to resell your laptop to buy the latest high-end laptop on the market. You can always choose a mid-range now that you can be happy with for a year or three and save for the high-end for later in the meantime.

Rainfall is the worst option in this case. Try to find a device that suits your needs and Check device specs or reviews online.

Why would I recommend a new mid-range?

in my opinion, If you don’t have much budget or if you want to get the best quality price, you should definitely choose a mid-range mobile. As I mentioned earlier, the quality of materials in this range of terminals is getting better.

You should still consider the possibility of acquiring a new mid-range rather than a new high-end mobile if you want to save for a terminal and think about the medium term.

Why would I recommend an older high end

Otherwise, I’d recommend an older high-end if you want more coverage in terms of updates and lifecycle. Usually high end Generally has good update cycle And the hardware is state-of-the-art so it’s a phone that will only get better over the years.

If a year goes by (I don’t recommend more than two years), the top of the range may have very attractive offers for us to opt for.

A good example of a “top of the range” terminal that we can buy is the old one, maybe the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy. Both companies offer a long support with which we can rest easy for a few years.

what do i do

Frankly, neither would I. Let me explain; In my case, I bought the latest Xiaomi model on rent for a few months to see if it really calls to me. If I stop to think, today’s mobile market means we have one mobile or even several new ones every year, so having the best phone of the moment every year is something that, in my opinion, is not commendable.

In this case, you can buy a type of mobile if you want I would go for a new mid-rangeWho had the best of both worlds Save and achieve a high end within a few years. Thanks to this, I can invest in a range for the long term that can last me several years so I don’t have to constantly change terminals, which I hate.

But all in all, I will consider that from any mid-range mobile I buy A brand that guarantees me updatesEither by the company or by the community.

What do you think about this topic? Will you do the same to me?


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