Big revelation for Apple They uncover what it’s really like


New rumors have confirmed what one of the components holding the bench, including the Apple Watch Pro, will actually look like during next Wednesday’s keynote.

The countdown has already begun keynote speech Apple, scheduled for later September 11. An event that is certainly the focus of the strategies of the Californian company, a reservoir of the present and the near future, considering that the debut products (smartphones and smartwatches on shields, but probably tablets and computers) will hold the place above all in 2023.

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There will be two most distinct “gems”: Line iPhone 14 AndApple Watch ProWhich should be Apple’s intention at the time of what was the iPhone X, in view of a revolution in the wearable range made in Cupertino.

foriPhone 14Now there is no great doubt about the main hardware components and to distinguish the line (which again this year will consist of four models, including two with 6.1-inch screens and the same number with 6.7-inch displays) will also be the design: the models belonging to the Pro range are actually will open a “forum“it’s a”pills”, which will definitely replace the old “groove”, which has decreased in size in recent times.

What the “hole” will look like on the iPhone 14, Pro models

iPhone 14 for Apple
A render (screenshot) of the iPhone 14 Pro

But what is this device for? explained by MacRumorsIt will basically be one A single element in the shape of a rectangle With rounded corners, the screen is interspersed with little visible space when closed (also masked by the black front) and has all the necessary components in any case. New selfie camera and automated recognition processes face in 3D.

When the screen is turned on, however, these two cutouts will resemble a single large rectangle, an effect that will return as the pixels in the space between the two elements are switched off. A little “trick,” if you will, to make the front of Apple’s new smartphone cleaner and more uniform.

Inside it will find out, especially LED Which indicates the presence of the microphone and the active video camera (already present inside the notch of the current iPhone) and precisely the sensor for biometric recognition. According to Mark Gurman, a well-known US journalist at Bloomberg, the new material will not make things worse iPhone front designIt is understood that its use is currently restricted to the Pro model only. We will see in the future.

In any case, in iPhone 14 Pro e Apple Watch Pro, the Apple event promises to be full of news and changes. A few more days (for sure this time) of black and white.

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