Bigger Geralt: This massive Geralt of Rivia statue can be yours for just $1449



Do you have a spot in your living room that would be perfectly tied together by a big-ass statue of an angry, sweaty witcher who’s just wrapped up a rough day at work? If you think that maybe you do, today is your lucky day: Prime 1 Studio is now offering just such a thing, and it can be yours for the low, low price of $1449.

The 1/3 scale monument is constructed of “polystone and other materials,” stands roughly three feet in height with a maximum diameter of just under two feet, and weighs about 57 pounds. Geralt’s right hand grips his “iconic” monster-killing silver sword, while in his left are the recently severed heads of a trio of harpies who made the mistake of messing with him. He’s wearing his classic Kaer Morhen armor, and stands upon a base emblazoned with a large, LED-lit Wolf School medallion.


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