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In two more days, one of the most anticipated movies of DC fans will finally see the light, it is no more or less than Black Adam, which will further unite the universe, as it relates to Superman and Shazam. And even though it’s a new proposition, clearly niche audiences are throwing some expired tomatoes at it. Through the media page known as Rotten Tomatoes, it can be seen that the percentage of the film is 47%, which indicates something negative, since the approval rating goes above 60%. That means the superhero’s arrival in the DC universe hasn’t been very popular with critics, or even with comic fans.
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Here are some comments: Playlist: The effects are fake and weightless, even for this sort of thing, and the spots are non-existent. Nerdist: While much of Black Adam works, the whole can’t escape the mess of trying to add or push a franchise instead of telling a good story. CNN: After DC’s happy experience with the light-hearted Shazam, this monotonous addition to their universe just goes to show how hard it is to catch lightning once, let alone twice. Indiewire: There isn’t a character here that doesn’t feel like a cheap photocopy of Gotham or the MCU, not a single bit that doesn’t feel like it hasn’t been tested within an inch by the audience of This Is Life. Remember the film will release on October 20. Via: Rotten Tomatoes Editor’s Note: At the end of the day, ratings can be somewhat subjective, so if you want to see the film, check out your local movie theater. Black Adam first appeared on Atomics receiving rave reviews from the press.


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