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Pearl Abyss, publisher and developer in South Korea Black Desert Mobile, Has released a major content update for its popular mobile MMORPG. Adventurers find a whole new territory, the Navarre Steps, waiting for the residence of a powerful world boss. In addition, the nightmare content has been overhauled so that PvE and PvP come together in one unique experience.

Navarre Steps is a vast meadow north of the main Lemoria camp in the northeastern region of Camasilvia and is home to feathery wolves, belladonna elephants, ferris and black leopards. Players may face the new world boss, Ahib Griffin, here. Those who defeat him will receive many valuable rewards based on the kind of damage he has done. Ahib’s Griffon grows every Friday at 20:00 in a random location on the Navarre Stapes.

The revised nightmare content (now called Twisted Nightmare) invites players to exemplary battlefields where they have to face other players while defeating powerful boss monsters. On illegal battlefields, they must use their skills strategically and coordinate their attacks with other members of their guild.

Defeating Boss Gable in The Twisted Nightmare Valencia region is worth playing for all the adventurers. This content is accessible once a week through cracks in the Velia region. Twisted Nightmare can be done alone or with other guild members; Whenever the guild receives an extra guild reward the nightmare boss loses five percent and it does the most damage.

Twisted Nightmare’s most powerful boss is the Turaka of nightmares – defeating him can close the cracks and get valuable rewards.

More information is available Official site. Black Desert Mobile Free in Apple App Store And inside Google Play Store Available

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