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Black Desert Online has been steadily rising in popularity since its launch a few years ago, and the game is currently sitting comfortably as one of the must-play MMORPGs in the current generation, perhaps rivaling even the great World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV in popularity. Its mobile counterpart, Black Desert Mobile, is undisputedly one of the best phone MMORPGs in recent times, featuring a massive world filled with tons of areas to explore, resources to gather, and many different enemies to fight. What sets Black Desert apart from the rest is its scope as you can feel that you’re just a tiny person in a massive world with lots of things to see and do.

Black Desert Mobile Great Desert Update Allows Players to Explore a Huge New Area

However, Black Desert Mobile just got even better earlier this week with the launch of the Great Desert. If the game wasn’t big enough already, it just got even more epic with the addition of a new desert area deep beyond the reaches of Valencia, one of the game’s old zones. The Great Desert, as its name implies, consists of a vast desertic expanse with many ruins, new enemy types, and countless dunes as far as the eye can see. This zone will offer new rewards for players who can brave its far reaches, as well as offer a completely new exploration experience with a few innovative mechanics.

This massive 5 GB update brings an equally-huge desert area to explore. However, unlike other zones in the game, journeying through the Great Desert isn’t as straightforward, as players will not only have to battle against the enemies but also against the elements themselves. 

Surviving in the Unrelenting Heat

The heat is one of the main enemies in the Great Desert, giving players a crippling debuff if they don’t take care. Luckily, all you need to do in order to avoid the heat’s negative effects is stay hydrated by drinking Purified Water, a new item added in the latest update. Players will receive 1 bottle of water per day, which will allow you to freely explore the desert for 40 minutes. 

Black Desert Mobile Great Desert Update Allows Players to Explore a Huge New Area

Luckily, water isn’t the only way to stave off the heat as players will also be able to use tents to protect themselves from the scorching sun. While resting in a tent, players can recover from exhaustion, and their water consumption will halt for as long as they remain inside.

Black Desert Mobile Great Desert Update Allows Players to Explore a Huge New Area

Explore Ancient Ruins and Receive Great Rewards

Scattered throughout the desert are many ruins and other interesting locations filled with enemies. These areas have special gathering points that require stamina to search, but that give unique items, including Edana’s Coins, a special currency unique to the area. By offering these coins to the Black Rock Shrine, players will receive special rewards.

In order to discover the desert’s greatest treasures, players must complete great temple exploration missions in the area. After completing 5 of these quests, they will be able to access the Almighty Great Temple and fight the powerful boss. Similarly, another great boss, Laytenn, awaits those who explore the desert’s furthest reaches. This enemy requires a group to beat, with each individual player being rewarded according to their contribution.

Journey Through the Desert With New Mounts

In order to properly explore the desert, players must either travel by camel, or by elephant. This is because the dunes’ shifting sands impose a severe penalty to movement to those who attempt to travel by foot. In this sense, you never want to venture into the desert without a reliable mount.

Black Desert Mobile Great Desert Update Allows Players to Explore a Huge New Area

While riding on camels is the tried and true method of traversing the desert, players will also be able to tame new elephants as high-speed desert mounts that will allow them to zip around in record time. Just remember to stop in tents from time to time to recover from exhaustion. And by all that is good and holy in this world, NEVER go AFK when standing in the desert; you’ll quickly burn through your water supply and will return to a character riddled with heat stroke and with severe penalties to their movement speed.

Spend Special Coins to Receive Unique Prizes

As we mentioned just now, most of the challenges in the Great Desert grant you Edana’s Coin, a special currency exclusive to this location. These coins are traded in the Black Rock Shrine for special prizes such as black crystals, ancient tablets, chest fragments, and many more. In order to find this shrine, players must wait until its icon appears in the lower right side of the minimap.

Additionally, as you make your way across the different ruins, you’ll come across enemies that are guarding ancient shrines. After defeating these enemies, you can make an offering of stamina to the shrine to activate it and receive special prizes including Edana’s Coins, temple entry passes, and more. 

Black Desert Mobile Great Desert Update Allows Players to Explore a Huge New Area

In this sense, while other parts of the game explore players who invest time in leveling up different skills and trying to boost their production through careful gathering and crafting, the Great Desert rewards players for venturing forth and uncovering its mysteries. We believe this new area is a very welcome addition as it gives players lots to see and do, and is not just another grinding area with tough monsters. If you’re looking for a unique experience, then you’ll definitely want to give the Great Desert a try.

Black Desert Mobile Great Desert Update Allows Players to Explore a Huge New Area

There is quite a lot to see and explore in the Great Desert of Black Desert Mobile, and the only way to find it all is by diving in. Luckily, the Great Desert patch is already live, so feel free to update your game and get started!


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