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Black Friday 2020 is kicking in and so are the accompanying deals with it. in this part of our ongoing Black Friday Deals series, I’ll cover interesting deals from MZed, and FilmConvert. Happy shooting and happy shopping!

No valuable filmmaking can be achieved without knowledge, and even if you already have gathered some nice shots you’ll need software to process them so we’re going to dive into some nice deals on online workshops and post production software!

Black Friday Deals 2020 – Workshops by MZed

MZed has quite a long history of holding quality workshops mostly targeted at creatives all around the globe (like this one here by Tom Cross ACE). Their workshops are hosted by professionals and highly regarded members of their respective field of work and these classes are mostly not only about learning a certeain piece of software or how to light a scene using 3 lights. They are also about the accompanying emotonal impact on the audience, lots of background intel, the whole creative process from start to finish, not only a simple how to.

Black Friday 2020
image credit: MZed

For Black Friday 2020 MZed is offering the following: Deals is an online tool for managing and creating your LUT library within a convenient online interface (read here for our coverage). There are a a bunch of pre-defined LUTs available, and, depending on your tier level, you can also export your very own LUT creations to use them in any NLE. interface. Image credit:

Since the higher price for the professional tier is only valid in the first year, I think it’s the best choice, really. For Black Friday 2020, they offer 30% off of everything, jsut make sure to enter the coupon code BF202030OFF at checkout.

FilmConvert Nitrate Deals

Once you’re done shooting you need to get going with your post production workflow. And one of the easiest ways to achieve consistent, yet appealing, color grading is to use FilmConvert Nitrate. It emulates real photochemical film stock in order to get that nice look you’re after.

Black Friday 2020 FilmConvert
FilmConvert plugin. Image credit: FilmConvert

FilmConert comes in many shapes: as a standalone version, as a plugin for Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, as a plugin for Final Cut Pro or as an OFX plugin (for use with DaVinci Resolve for example). The standalone version is the most expensive one but it includes all plugins as well.

Image credit. CineMatch

There’s also the new CineMatch plugin for color matching different cameras in post production.

That’s it for today, we’ll keepp posting more deals once they surface. Since we try not to publish just random deals, we will categorize them as far as possible.

What do you think? Are any of these deals worth a closer look? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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