BlackMagic Camera 7.9 Update – Newshooter


Pocket Cinema Camera has also announced the G2 as well as the BlackMagic design BlackMagic Camera 7.9 Which adds the following features to the PocketCinema Camera 4K, 6K and 6K Pro:

  • New updated user interface has been added
  • Added support for adjusting the intensity of focus support via slider
  • Added support for custom presets and LUT after software updates from this release
  • Improved lens and auto focus performance

Pocket Movie Camera 6K, 6K G2 and 6K Pro:

  • Blackmagic design has added support for zoom and focus needs

Above you can see a presentation where the BlackMagic Camera 7.9 update is discussed in detail.

Interestingly, the three BlackMagic pocket cinema cameras have a built-in gyroscope and that information is stored in the BlackMagic RAW metadata. BlackMagic will soon release an update to the DaVinci solution to enable users to access and use that metadata to help stabilize shots.