Blizzard Announces Comprehensive LGBTQ+ Program for Overwatch 2


Soldier 76 stands with a rifle slung over his shoulder.

screenshot: blizzard

Today Activision Blizzard announced three upcoming shows Surveillance 2Competitive and normal scenes. These aim to promote a healthy environment with a focus on the new and returning LGBTQ+ player base.

In a blog post titledSummon all heroes“That Note and observe The team and competitive esports program Overwatch League (OWL) announced that they will co-develop the in-game Defense Matrix, Challenge Cup and Caster Camp. Blizzard says the programs aim to “focus on equity, visibility and community support for underserved races.”

To ensure compliance with its mission statement, Note and observe The team announced that it will launch a game system called Defense Matrix. to name D.VA: Ability to deflect projectilesBlizzard said the program will “serve as a system to protect game integrity and encourage positive in-game behavior.” Surveillance 2. “The way to do it can be a bit invasive because you have to use your phone As part of the new SMS Protect program.

“Defenses have been strengthened Note and observe“For the first time, experience security and play it with features like SMS Protect, voice transcription and an all-new user experience,” Blizzard said in a blog post.

Obviously if you want to opt out of SMS Protect you can’t play Surveillance 2 No way. Starting October 4, players on all platforms will need to link their phone number to their Battle Net account to play Surveillance 2.

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Along with the Defense Matrix announcement, Blizzard also unveiled two new LGBTQ+ programs called Challengers Cup and Caster Camp. In addition to the partnership with Dr brightA production company that highlights “underrepresented races”. Note and observe It is developing the Challenge Cup, a competitive tournament that will be held alongside Ways to be professionaldevelopment competition Note and observe program below Observe competitors.

“This tournament is not a replacement for Path to Pro; Rather, we hope it serves as an entry point for underrepresented races to enter the wider spectrum. Note and observe esports ecosystem, and we encourage everyone who is eligible to compete in both Challengers Cup and Path to Pro, Blizzard said in a blog post.

that application The first qualifying round of the Challenge Cup will begin on October 21.

Also, Caster Camp will feature broadcasters like OWL Soe Gschwind And Matt “Mr. X” Morello. The plan is for them to pass on the skills they have learned as professionals Note and observe Commentators hope to build their skills and make connections within the industry for people in the LGBTQ+ community. is recorded From 30 September to 28 October.

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Trotz Surveillance 2Launch immediately on October 4th as a free-to-play game which makes it awesome F2P nightmareIt’s admirable that the game’s creator went beyond declaring it LGBTQ-friendly due to the high potential of referencing its gay characters and especially its LGBTQ+ player base to be swept up in a wave of bigotry. The sequel of Nayak Shooter is being released.

See how its two main characters, Tracer And Soldier 76 As a strong display of LGBTQ+ gaming, it’s good that Blizzard is at least acknowledging that its playerbase may be in dire need of a power outage to bring returning game fanatics back with a sequel. The jury is still out on whether SMS Protect works or not, though.

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