Blizzard CEO Diablo Immortal has defended the micro transaction


Since launching last month, Diablo is immortal It is suffering from constant controversy over the means of income, since real money has to be used to get rare items. And after getting a bad response all the time, CEO Own Blizzard He decided to go out and talk about this controversial issue

In a new interview with Dr. Los Angeles Times, Mike Yabara He defended the title’s micro-transactions, saying they were used to make the game more accessible. Some of that may be a discussion comment, because users have those costs Thousands of dollars To get objects that were probably not so successful.

It commented on:

When we think of monetization, at the highest level it was: How do we give millions of people a free ‘Diablo’ experience, where they can literally do 99.5% of everything in the game?

He further noted that micro-transactions have been decently executed for the sake of supposedly balanced user progress:

Monetization comes at the end of the game. The philosophy was always to lead with great gameplay and to ensure that millions of people could go through the entire campaign at no cost. From that point of view, it feels great as an introduction to Diablo.

Added to that is that they still don’t see too many wins in the game, as many prefer to go the free-play route. But that’s a bit of a contrast, only given their first weekend racked more than they did $ 24 million. Perhaps, they expected further gains within that range.

Remember, that Diablo is immortal Available at iOS y Android.

Via: IGN


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