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At the beginning of the 1990s, one of the fighting genre licenses appeared that had the symbol violence Extreme and photorealism initially, later became a standard in the entertainment industry Street Fighter.

When it all started Ed Boone y John Tobias They are determined to create a science fiction video game starring the then fashionable actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. The effort was futile and eventually they opted for a head-to-head position Johnny Cage Famous history will be stimulating.

In its initial version, the project responded to its name dragon attackIn honor of the band’s song the queenWhich gave rise to the creation of the legendary dragon logo that we know today and was present in the form of a statue next to the character. Shang Tsung.

the first Mortal Kombat It had a limited budget, but that didn’t stop its amazing realism in the frame and the sadness of its fighters from being a huge success in arcades around the planet in 1992.

Mortal Kombat Also pioneered with marketing campaigns called “Deadly Monday”Refers to September 13, 1993, when the adaptation was released for home consoles Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and laptop game boy y Game gear In the United States.

Tobias and Boone were the creations to censor In its version SNESMythical growth “Console Wars” Since the Sega Genesis had no production cuts in the neighboring country to the north and adults used the company that made Sonic the Hedgehog to position the game concept there.

loss loss of life and associated with violence Mortal Kombat A formal organization dedicated to providing classifications of video games served as an engine to speed up the creation, as it is called today ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board)

The much-cited story goes beyond fighting games and has had three spin-off What are they: Mortal Kombat Mythology: Sub-Zero (1997), Moral Combat: Special Forces (2000) y Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005), as well as movies, letters, books, novels and music from the world of cinema, to name a few.

From date, voting rights Mortal Kombat It has sold nearly 80 million units, the latest installment is one that has received the best response on a commercial level, and although a compilation has not been announced to celebrate three decades of its existence, it is an intellectual property that is more alive than ever. .

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