Bluebar’s team talks about the current state of development on the Silent Hill 2 remake



Last week was a great one for Silent Hill fans, as many games and merchandise were announced for horror lovers over the next few years. And before that, the developers of the second game’s remake, Blubber Team, mentioned the current state of the game as well as Konami’s contribution. Specifically, the CEO of the development team, Piotr Babinow, mentioned in a recent media interview that the development of this video game began in 2019, with previous contracts. And that production is about to wrap up, so it shouldn’t be long before the release date is revealed. Konami’s direct participation in the project noted that the Japanese covered all development costs, both in production and aftermarket. For their part, marketing can also be borne by them, since this expenditure will be the most important to reach more people in the gaming industry. Here’s his statement: Team Blubber has already won, we’re already at the point where we receive funding to achieve each milestone, and of course we have some opportunities. However, yes, we will also share in the success, we will be direct beneficiaries of it. Note that the game will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PC. Via:
Editor’s note: From what the CEO said, they’ve been working on the game for a while, which would probably take more progress if not for the pandemic that hit 2020. Fortunately, news will continue to arrive. The post Blubber Team Discusses Current State of Silent Hill 2 Remake Development appeared first on Atomics.


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