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The pandemic of coronavirus sta laciando in dote una crisi di semiconduttore che investe primar gli smartphone, più di tutti, ma non solo. Confirm the arrival of one of the marquee stories from the car: BMW.

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Getting the latest news for the automobile house Monaco di Baviera Millions of vendors and millions of auto parts annoying: and their acquisition, infatuation, proprietor for the crispy che sta colpendo ormai da un paio di anni i semiconduttori, potrebbero non essere in grado di divertirsi utilizando CarPlay.

BMW has a problem with the software developed by Apple from Apple, which allows the iPhone to have more functionalities than the iPhone display with the automobile, available on the iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1the proprietor of the crispy global chip that costing the automobile to change its electronic, non-existent Monaco di Baviera rassicurino tutti with the new agivomerto prevailing gigo, totto totally normal

I chip utilizing BMW for its infotainment system is not at the moment fully compatible with CarPlay

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The global concern about chips is that there are many problems in the diverse industry, the automobile industry is one of the magnetism of a chip with a limited range of chips. He is the proprietor of the chip utilizati dalla BMW For its infotainment system which is not completely compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto Apple. The conference also arrives from Automotive News Europe. Che, proprietor like BMW, tranquilizer and fan of the house automobile teutonic sul fatto that brew arrives in grades to solve this fastidious problem.

The chip integrates into this car without even the first few queries. This requires an advanced software to be completely functional and offers the functionality of Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and Wi-Fi.“. This is the new official BMW.

An aggregationo via etere sarà offerto “The more tardy entro la fine di giugno”To win the support. Not all BMW cars, as well as the best selling carPlay, are just cars with the “6P1” as part of the production code. However, BMW does not have to deal with any merchants, the report added, adding that the clients of Negotiation State Unit, in Regno Unito, in France, in Italy and in Spagna are still signaling Carplay’s acquisition.

BMW Offered for the first time CarPlay How to make your own system of vecols in 2016, since due to this two-way interaction has become so functionally abnormal, one of the things that is not pagato, is that the status quo marcia indiatro.

BMW is still one of the first to adapt to the latest Apple technology, considering its prime support. CarKey di Apple.


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