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Redstart Interactive team recently launched two new games: Grapple-Heavy Platform Get-a-grip chip And the successor to its teachings Get-a-grip chips and body bugsOn Xbox One X | S and Xbox Series X | S.

Double the fun of getting both games: First, Roboco Mfg. Explore and save chip robotic friends from impending doom by blocking your way through suspiciously unsafe factories Get-a-grip chip; Then flex those grapping skills as you explore every detail of your digestive system. Get-a-grip chips and body bugs – Free for those who purchase Get-a-grip chip.

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The trusted grappling robot chip is sent to the body as an artificial cell that aims to assemble the body’s own white blood cells. Together they can fight body bugs and make things flow again. Body bugs are your classic allergens, bacteria and viruses. Find all three and take them out before they occupy your body!

Body bugs Created in partnership with Redstart Interactive and Games for Change to bring an educational spin. Get-a-grip chip. The team brings together teachers and game designers to create a new world, chased by three new bosses, and a series of bonus levels that take place in the mind of the chip’s highly advanced microprocessing. The white blood cells that the chip stores in the brain need to connect to activate new areas: the more white blood cells you attach, the more your body will feel the flow, but you will have to strategically move around the perils of complex intestines. It may sound gross, but the chip makes microscopic immuno-combat beautiful!


Starting from the mouth, submerged in the esophagus, evacuating the acidic cavities of the stomach, and flying high through the intestines, pass through the entire digestive tract. If you go that far, you know how it ends … it’s dirty and it’s dangerous, but the depth of your digestive tract is the place of the chip’s joy.


Get-a-grip chips and body bugs Now available for free on Xbox One X | S and Xbox Series X | S Gate-to-grip chip, Or হিসাবে 2.99 as a standalone title.

Check out the Get-A-Grip chip and body bugs at the Xbox Store. For more information on the Get-A-Grip chip universe, See the official website.

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Digest with Gate-A-Grip Chip and Body Bugs Open your internal organs with a new type of medicine, synthetic white blood cells, Gate-A-Grip Chip. Awaken your dormant white blood cells to help fight body bugs. While running the chip, you can not only jump, but you can travel through the body fluids, fight invading body bugs inside you and unlock the knowledge hidden in the white blood cells of the body that are needed for the chip to flow again! Fun for the master – more fun to learn the chip moves around, grabs the anchor points, and then turns them on – in addition, the chip learns! To clean the internal parts, the chip must create an understanding of the increasing complexity of parts and functions of the digestive tract. You will gain a true sense of knowledge and skills through the digestive system. Scoop out Secret Cells Avoid the invasion of bodily fluids and you will be rewarded with a force of neurons and white blood cells to get the digestive system flowing again. The more cells you find, the sooner they will unlock new layers, bringing the chip closer to the ultimate goal: the digestive system to reopen and splash! Capture Leaderboards Compete with your friends to grab the game’s arcade-style leaderboards! Hook, turn and dodge through all twelve regions of the digestive tract to get your initials at the top of each leaderboard.

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