Boldly Default producer talks about a possible remaster




Its tenth anniversary with courage defaultThe story of the RPG game that started its foundation on consoles Nintendo 3dsAnd which was a third release last year Nintendo switch. The team announced some pretty interesting merchandise for fans, but there were also announcements that could hint at the future of the franchise.

During its live broadcast Square Enix Asano Team Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Development Room Radio #1: Braveits producer Bold is the default, Tomoya Asano, gave an interesting comment. hinting that a remaster of the first game would be on the way, though he made it subtly clear that he couldn’t talk much about it right now.

Here is his comment:

Over the past 10 years, our team has grown and our capabilities have grown. After watching the opening movie of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, I think that announcing a remaster would be the best thing and something fans would want. But for now, unfortunately, I can’t announce any of that. ‘for now’.

But that wasn’t all, as he publicly asked the public if they wanted a third part, something that could be counterintuitive for fans, since it would theoretically be a fourth. And it’s that one game came out before the second numbered title launched, it was called Brave secondAnd many consider it a true sequel to the first.

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