Brand new zoom, better night vision and more – 10 innovations for the Pixel camera


Most of the changes are probably related to the camera again, with Google introducing numerous innovations for the Pixel camera. Some of them will only be available on new devices, the Pixel 7 series was presented with revised cameras. A roundup of all the inventions.

The ultra wide angle camera can now create macro shots

In terms of hardware, the Pixel 7 Pro in particular is more powerful. The integrated ultra-wide-angle camera now has an autofocus and can now take macro photos as well. Google calls it “macro focus” and promises Pixel HDR+ to a few centimeters.

Many improvements to the zoom function

The Pixel 7 Pro outperforms its smaller sibling when it comes to zoom, as a dedicated camera is installed for zoom. The new top model offers 5x optical zoom and gets you up to 30x closer.

Pixel 7 Pro Zoom

Google also promises excellent quality for several zoom ranges. This is how Super Res zoom has been fixed. Now separate areas are taken from the 50 MP sensor, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro alike. It ensures sharp photos with high quality 2x zoom

Super Race Zoom produces 12.5MP photos at 2x magnification on both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, with internal cropping, remocycling and HDR+ bracketing on the 50MP sensor.

Super Res Zoom X2 50 MP Pixel Camera

For the Pixel 7 Pro camera, Google promises a maximum quality of 10x magnification due to the mechanics used, and zoom stabilization is also used for the 15x zoom. From 20x, a new upscaler on the Tensor platform is used.

But Google has come up with something to cover the zoom range below optical 5x magnification. Google relies on machine learning and using multiple camera sensors at the same time. The result is stunning photos, says Google.

Multi Camera Super Res Zoom Pixel 7 Pro

Night vision and realistic tones on a new level

On the one hand, Google was able to renew its Realtone feature for more accurate skin tones, on the other hand, Google Camera’s famous night vision. The difference shown is breathtaking. New HDR+ exposure bracketing and advanced machine learning ensure significantly better shots.

Night Sight Pixel 7 Update
Real Tone Night Sight Pixel 7 Update

For better skin tones, Google again created and evaluated over 10,000 portraits with the Pixel 7 camera.

Realtone Update Pixel 7

Sharp pointed frame selfies and blurry photos

Something happened in the selfie area too. Both Pixel 7s now have the same 10.8MP front camera, so they can shoot 4K video. Also, there are now Guided Frames to help people with disabilities take better selfies.

For old photos that have been washed out, Google Photos now has Photo Unblur However, only on Pixel 7 phones.

Unblur Google Photos

Video in 10-bit HDR and with cinematic blur

Last but not least, Google offers a bit more in the video area. The latest Pixel devices can record video in 10-bit HDR. The new Cinematic Blur works essentially like Portrait mode, only for moving images. There is also a new version of active stabilization.

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