Broken iPhone: Don’t throw it away, you can’t imagine what it could be used for



The world has undoubtedly changed since the introduction of a small object that in itself is one of the greatest revolutions in the history of humanity: the mobile phone. In particular, it was the iPhone, the mobile phone model that influenced this revolution in mobile telephony more than any other, to completely change the way we communicate.

A gentleman named Steve Jobs, presented the first model in the history of iPhone to the world in 2007, which sold more than 1 million copies just two months after its launch in the market. Since then the iPhone has been synonymous with mobile and the models to date have been increasingly successful. But even mobile phones, like any object, can sometimes break and become unusable. Whatever the reason, don’t throw them away, because you can’t imagine what you can do with them.

Daisy recycles broken iPhones
Broken iPhone (Canva)

We are in the era where we are returning to the idea that nothing is thrown away and everything can be reused. The historical moment in which we find ourselves is one of great complexity, a technology and a consumerism that are burning up the stages, flanked by movements of millions of people who try to return to the essentiality of things.

Broken iPhone, Daisy takes care to give it a new life

DDay published an interesting study, dedicated to talking about the “life” of the iPhone DaisyThe existence of which has already been communicated by Apple some time ago.

Daisy apple
Daisy Apple (image taken from the web)

Apple must have thought of everything, both moments Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone model, And still many years later, and a long way to go as a leader in the field of mobile telephones. In 2018, about 9 million customers returned their old broken iPhones: according to the data 7.8 million were renewed and another 1.2 million were sent to Daisy. But who is Daisy?

Daisy is a robot that looks after Apple since 2018, to dispose and recycle 23 iPhone models With impressive speed. Robot, shattered 200 mobile phones per hour, Actually cares every 18 seconds of a model, retrieving 14 materials. Daisy, once an iPhone is “in her hands,” takes care of removing all the screws, disassembling it, removing the battery, then sorting the pieces according to materials that can be reused.

Daisy, managing to recover, as DDay explained, a ton of copper, reached the equivalent of what could be extracted by digging wells. 2000 tons of earth in the mine, When the quantity The recovered gold and copper is equivalent to about 800 tons Each year of raw ore Daisy disposes of about 2.4 million phonesAlthough estimates suggest that the number of recycled copies is still very small compared to the huge number of new phone sales annually.


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