Bungie Sues Who Faked Destiny 2 Video Ban


There have been reports of several video bans since a couple of months ago Destiny 2 on its platform YoutubeThis is for claims DMCA That was done by someone other than the creators of the video game. now, bangi The culprit is found and will not sit idly by, but will prosecute the matter with very high financial penalties.

A case was filed yesterday bangi says that Nicholas Minor, And YouTuber who calls himself Lord Najo, liable for its false notice DMCASending them to others YouTubers After receiving a royal notice from the company itself. The company started noticing it after spam users did it extensively.

Here is their statement:

96 times, minors have allegedly submitted DMCA takedown notices on behalf of Bungie. He identified himself as Bungie’s ‘brand protection’ provider for YouTube by ordering innocent creators to remove their Destiny 2 videos or face copyright strikes, disrupting communities of gamers, streamers and fans.

Meanwhile, ‘Lord Nazo’ was participating in community discussions about the ‘Bungi’ takedown, spreading confusion. This caused significant financial and reputational damage to Bungie for obvious reasons.

Note that in the notice Dr DMCA its root secondary was issued by bangi After uploading the expansion soundtrack taken king on his YouTube channel. The user allegedly refused to remove his videos, keeping them online until the platform finally removed them in January.

In response, he retaliated by registering a new email address. GmailDesigned to impersonate its employees’ email addresses CSC GlobalThe company that enforces the copyright bangi. This is how fake notices started DMCA.

The developers are now suing secondary the sum $7.6 million dollarstotal $150,000 For each act involved in fraudulent takedown notification DMCA.

Through: IGN

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