Call of Duty: Project Aurora, detract from battle royale mobile da Activision



Call of Duty: Project Aurora Dovrebbe essere il titolo non definito dell’esperienza battle royale per dispositivi mobile Activision sta lavorando cui. Ebbene, the publisher has revealed the first details of the gioco, but he could not find any data on it.

After our official Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Activision has written that “Project Aurora, named after our new mobile title, is unified in a global community and inclusive friends, family and people from all over the world,” grazie a un’esperienza battle royale intensa, quality and quality Give it a new twist. ”

Call of Duty: Project Aurora, a new artwork
Call of Duty: Project Aurora, a new artwork

“Potreste aver già sentito parlare di Project Aurora su Reddit o in qualche video su YouTube, but we don’t know how to reveal it officially. The gioco is already in Sviluppo and we have the first test of gioco with the Alpha chiusa at Project Aurora. “

“Con l ‘alpha chiusalimiting the dimensions, we are seldom considering the refinement of the gioco, especially the stress test of the partite, identifying and corroborating bugs and assuming opinions on all gioco aspirations with the new progressive function. “

“I share all alpha chiusa non-publicly discussed, but we will try to make it public which aggregatori.

Call of Duty: Project Aurora, one sold out
Call of Duty: Project Aurora, one sold out

D: Possible to write all Alpha chiusa in Project Aurora?
R: No, the alpha chiusa is available only to a number of registered invitations. Tuttavia, agriungeremo altri giocatori nel corso dell’Alpha chiusa e oltre quando raggiungeremo determinati obittivi di sviluppo. Tenet d’occhio le novità su questi oto communicioni future sull’annunci ufficial del gioco.

D: Why is Alpha chiusa not available for all and sundry?
R: Dato that Project Aurora è ankora in sviluppo, in this case we need a number of registrations to participate in raggiungere and nostri obiativi.

D: When is all available for all Project Aurora?
R: Credits, we did not see the offer of the most beautiful experiments and giocators in all parts of the world, but we did not know any official information and at the moment we did not know any data without condiments. First of all we have a lot of publications and articles and, when it comes down to it, we want to share data with us.

D: How do you get rid of Alpha chiusa?
R: The technical support is very limited to the alpha chiusa, but in the gioco ci sono dei canali su cui fornire feedback and renderemo available regulatory patches and aggregators for avisis and giocators on problematic notes, corrections and so on.

D: Scenarios and personalities of the Alpha chiusa really included in the final version of Gioco?
R: The content of Project Aurora from Alpha Chip is not definitive and has many variations. At the moment, we are simply valuing the Dynamic Battle Royale on the vast scala of Gioco on its mobile disposables.

D: Is Alpha chiusa completely perfect?
R: No, the scopes of the Alpha chiusa on Project Aurora è continue to optimize and refine the gioco with the stress test of the partite, the most prestigious and fed and the corresponding bug in the long run.

D: L’Alpha chiusa include tutti i contenuti che saranno disponibili in gioco?
R: Neanche lontanamente. È Just a part of how much we care. The time has come for us to realize that we can expect content in Project Aurora.

D: What progress did the Alpha chiusa transfer to the final version of Gioco?
R: No, all the data and progress are far away from the alpha chiusa saranno azzerati and possibly have eliminated o azzerati at any moment. Evidently, when the gioco is completely and internationally available, progress will be saved.

We are always looking for the best possible experience for all the giants in the world and we can read these quests with the voice, perceive the continuity that follows the future of the future.


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