Camera on Google Pixel: A function has been temporarily disabled


A few days ago, more and more users noticed that Google has stopped a function of its own camera app on the Google Pixel. Temporary, but without justification.

Google has surprisingly removed a feature from the Pixel phone’s camera app

In fact, the app has an option called “Often Photographed Faces” which has disappeared from the settings in the latest app version. Google has temporarily disabled the feature. It’s intended to better showcase faces photographed frequently thanks to Top Photo. Google introduced the feature with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

“When your camera finds and recommends other shots in your photos or short videos, it detects which shots contain faces you photograph frequently. The camera then suggests better shots of those faces.”

If the option is enabled, “The camera saves data about the faces we photograph or record”. Data protection reasons for facial recognition data are conceivable, but they are only stored locally on the smartphone

Face option is also available in the latest Google phones

Google continues to advertise the option with the new Pixel 6a. So the feature probably won’t be cut entirely. A return can be expected in the coming days if the Pixel 6a goes on sale. The smartphone can currently be pre-ordered along with Pixel Buds A-Series for free.

The option was already closed in May. Interestingly, that’s when Google introduced the new Pixel 6a to the global public for the first time. To date, no exact cause is known. You just writeThe shutdown will be temporary and Google is working on a solution So be surprised.

The facial feature is very likely to be used unconsciously. To be honest, I’m not sure if I could actively benefit from it in everyday life.

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