Campfire 3 and 3 Plus Wireless Tethering Devices Promise Improved Speed, Performance



Superstition Announces a Pair of New Ultrafast, Wireless Tethering Devices, Campfire 3 And Campfire 3 Plus. Campfie says the new products “require remote assistance from photographers and are suitable for photographing architecture, news, sports and any need outside.” Whether in the studio or off the field, the Campfire 3 Plus promises exciting features.

The Camfi 3 and 3 Plus tethering devices offer auto view, raw image support, high-speed transfer, remote live view, focus stacking and 4G LTE dongle support. CamFi supports USB 3.0 and provides wireless transfer speeds up to a maximum of 15Mb / s on a connected computer, tablet or smartphone. CamFi is compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Can be used on CamFi Wi-Fi or a 4G LTE network

When using wireless tethering, photographers can take advantage of live view, touch focus, remote shooting and control of key camera settings. Wireless tethering mode also supports Sony’s focus stacking feature. The CamFi 3 (Plus) includes an integrated SD card reader, allowing photographers to back up their photos twice while teasing and send photos to a server even when the camera is off.

The Kamphi 3 Plus supports more than 500 cameras from various manufacturers, including Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus (and possibly the OM system), Panasonic, Pentax and Sony. Campfire 3 Plus works with popular photo editing applications like Wireless Tethering Lightroom and Capture One. Works with CamFi 3 LP-E6 battery.

The basic difference between the CamFi 3 and the CamFi 3 Plus is the camera and software support. Compared to the extensive support above, the regular Campfire 3 device supports Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony cameras and only supports Campfire native apps for tethering.

Campfie 3 Plus is now available for order at $ 329. Availability information for CamFi 3 is not yet available. For more information on each new wireless tethering device, See CamFi.


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