Can Alexa device call? Yes, and here’s how it works


Alexa is versatile. It can do all sorts Funny music-related techniquesCommand and tons of response Help with shopping. Alexa can even make your landline obsolete.

That’s right- if you have an Amazon Echo Show 10, Echo dotEcho Flex or latest Echo Show 15You can ditch and use your landline Alexa To call and send messages.

Not only can you use Alexa to make Amazon Echo-to-Echo calls, but you can also use your Echo Show to make your Echo device call to someone’s mobile phone or landline and make video calls. Complicated words? It’s actually simple. All you have to do is say “Alexa, call mom” or “Alexa, call (enter name)” and you can start your voice or video call. We will take you with what you need to know.

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Set up an echo-to-echo call in these 5 easy steps

1. Get an Amazon Echo device: Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Flex or other

This is probably not to say, but if you want to be engaged in eco-to-eco communication you will need an echo device. At least, sort of. You can technically use the Alexa app as well, but it seems like an extension that there are already many more ways to use your phone as a phone.

Here are the devices that offer echo-to-echo calls:

The new Echo Show offers 15 echo-to-echo calls.


2. Download the Alexa app and make sure it’s up to date

This is a big deal because the Alexa app is basically going to act as your call center. You need to make sure that you have updated to the latest version, which supports a new design and most importantly the voice chat feature.

To do this, go to the App Store on iOS devices or the Google Play Store on Android devices and make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the app.

3. Set up the Alexa app to prepare for echo-to-echo calls

Once your app is up to date, it will automatically take you through the messaging setup process after the first launch. You need to follow a few quick instructions, including confirming your name and phone number, as well as enabling access to your contact list.

4. Make sure your contacts are correct in the Alexa app

The Echo Messaging feature uses your contacts to match the name you want to call the phone number. It then uses that number to identify the Alexa user you’re trying to contact – which is why you need to tell Amazon your phone number during setup.

It’s all well and good, but it won’t work unless your contacts are up to date For example, if you want to send a message to your mom’s echo dot, you need to have an entry for “mom” in your phone contact, complete with the phone number she added to her Alexa account. And hey, I’m talking about …

An Amazon Echo Dot in front of an orange background

This is probably not to say, but if you want to be engaged in eco-to-eco communication you will need an echo device.

Chris Monroe / CNET

5. Make sure the person you’re calling is on board

This obviously only works when you both follow the first four steps, so you need to call mom and let her go through the process (or at least send her this article on her way).

Now for the sticking points – or at least the things you should be aware of:

  • If someone calls you, all your echo devices will ring. This includes any phones or tablets that have the Alexa app installed, since you can use them to make calls or listen to messages.
  • Your echo will turn green when a new message arrives. To hear this, just ask Alexa to run your messages
  • Amazon will copy your message to the Alexa app. The new messaging section of the Alexa app is somewhat like a voicemail inbox that lists your recent messages and conversations. For messages, it will also include speech-to-text readouts that mimic what was said – handy when you can’t hear a message right away. Just be aware that the accuracy of the transcription is just that – you may have to decipher a confusing phrase or two.

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How to use your Amazon Echo to call someone’s mobile phone or landline

Echo-to-phone voice calls are possible on all Echo devices and on most mobile and landline numbers. Us, United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. Like an echo-to-echo call, connecting an echo device and a phone is possible through simple voice commands.

Just say “Alexa, call (contact name)” to call someone from your phone’s contact list. You can also specify which number to call if you have multiple numbers – say a job and a mobile number – under a contact. Just say, “Alexa, call (contact name) Mobile” or “Alexa, call (contact name) works.”

If you want to call a number that is not in your contact list, say “Alexa, call (phone number)”.

While eco-to-phone calling is convenient and easy, it’s not unlimited. Most international numbers, except for emergency service numbers (such as 911), premium-rate numbers or toll numbers (such as 1-900 numbers) and the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico, cannot be called through echo devices.

How to make a video call using Echo Show

Whether you have the original Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8The 3rd-gen show 10 Or newer – and larger – Echo Show 15You can use it to make video calls to your friends and family Smart display.

Before you make a call, however, you first need to make sure that the person you want to video chat with has an Alexa app set up on their mobile phone or owns an Echo Show. There are two easy ways to start a video call

  • Using voice commands: Say, “Alexa, video call (contact name).”
  • Using the display: Start by swiping from left to right of the display to open the Echo Show feature menu. In the upper left corner of the menu, tap Contact > Show Introduction Open your contact list. Scroll to the contact you are trying to reach and select the contact name. Next, hit Call To start a video call under the “Alexa Device” menu.

This is a nifty feature that still works even if you only have one in your contacts Smartphone. Also, the option to make a group video call is available. Just make sure that each participant first enables the Alexa Group Call feature, then you can create a contact group through your Alexa app and start chatting by saying “Alexa, video call (whatever the name of the contact group you are)”.

So will Echo-to-Echo or Echo-to-Phone calling be introduced and replace our landline? Who knows – but if you’re itching to try calling with your Alexa devices, now you know how.

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