Can you live with a Nokia3310? The effect is amazing This shocked everyone



Can the much-loved Nokia 3310 still be used today? Will it be able to meet every need of the users? It was a surprising experiment, to say the least, that shocked virtually anyone. Here are all the details

its sector mobile phone Has undergone a crazy evolution over the years, like never before. We have moved from the first devices with screens and keypads to the most modern smartphones, to more advanced and step-by-step technology. We’ve seen plenty of iconic models over the years.

Nokia 3310 (Photo Canva)
Nokia 3310 (Photo Canva)

But if you have to think about a machine Which has marked history in recent years, the thought almost certainly goes Nokia 3310. This phone has recently become a real meme, especially for its sturdiness compared to how delicate recent smartphones are. But today, it will be possible Just survive with a Nokia 3310?

Nokia 3310 in 2022, will it work? Here are all the details

Only one will survive in 2022 Nokia 3310 hand? And so without Internet connection, without constant notifications or messages at hand? Wired decided to run a kind of experiment in this sense, with a user who put himself to the test to understand all the possibilities of today’s iconic model. Once started the problem started. How to do with contacts? If they don’t migrate with SIMs, that’s a problem. Obviously there is no automatic synchronization with Google. for the cameraHowever, the results are far from what we know today.

The resolution is very low and, in low light, it is virtually impossible to take photos or record videos. And for selfies? There is no front camera, you have to turn the phone to get a “blind”. Then it’s time to leave home. without internet connection. No messaging platform, no social network: Snake becomes the main entertainment!

nokia 3310 20221011
Nokia 3310 (Adobe Stock)

Finally, as explained by Wired, walking around and living with a Nokia 3310 in 2022 It is not impossible. You have to get used to it, make a lot more calls, maybe use a physical map if you don’t know where to go or go back to request information from a passerby. but Positive influence They are noticeable, and they are no less. The less distracted you are, the faster you move around. Free time is used for other activities, etc. one of a kind “Digital Detox” Which can come in handy every time. Forgetting all the comforts of our smartphones.


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