Canon EOS R7 vs EOS R10: What is the difference, how do they compare?



Canon has announced the first two APS-C cameras on its RF Mirrorless Mount. The price of the EOS R10 is close to the level of the core ‘Rebel’ camera, while the price and features of the EOS R7 are such that it can be placed a little above the EOS 90D. Looking at the existing EF-M mirrorless lineup, they are approximate to the relationship of EOS M5 and M6 II.

Although Canon states that this is not the end of the EF-S camera (or EF-Ms, for that matter), it is likely that the move to include APS-C in its RF mount will leave existing systems for the time being.

Both cameras are 4K / 60 capable cameras that can shoot at 15 fps with mechanical shutters and share an impressive powerful and simple AF interface. Yet they can make their sound much different.

So, if these two cameras represent the future, what are they and how will they compare?


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