Captain America 4 already has a name and a release date


One of the news that was already confirmed a few months ago was the confirmation of a fourth film Captain AmericaBeing a hero sam (Anthony Mackie) who previously had an alter ego the falcon. nevertheless, Steve Rogers Leave him his cloak Avengers: EndgameSo now he is teaming up with it The Winter Soldier.

the time San Diego Comic-ConE confirmed that the new film will be named Captain America: New World OrderIt has been confirmed that its premiere is planned for later May 3, 2024. This is in the theater, to go later Disney+ With complete collection of movies Marvel.

As the producer of this tape said, Nat MooreAbout Sam’s character plot and future:

I think he’s not Steve Rogers and I think that’s a good thing, because to me, this new cap is Rocky. You will lose in any situation. He is not a super soldier. He is not a hundred years old. It doesn’t have the Avengers. What about this man who openly declares, without support, ‘I am’? I’m the new Captain America. What happens next? I think he’s attractive because he’s a boy. He’s a boy with wings and a shield, but he’s a boy.”

A trailer hasn’t been released for now, but maybe they’ll release it at other events D23 of Disney.

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