Carl Pei makes much ado about Nothing



OnePlus 7 Pro back logo

  • OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has revealed his new startup, called Nothing.
  • The company will launch smart devices in the first half of the year.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei left the smartphone manufacturer last year, later confirming that he was working on a new venture. Now, Pei has confirmed that the new company is called Nothing.

“Nothing’s mission is to remove barriers between people and technology to create a seamless digital future,” read an excerpt of a company press release. So what will the company actually be offering, then?

Well, the company noted in the release that its first “smart devices” would launch in the first half of the year.

It didn’t reveal anything more specific though, but Pei previously told Wired that the company is audio-related, and that multiple products are coming in 2021. The executive added at the time that the new company was about more than just headphones.

Pei told The Verge that Nothing would offer products across multiple categories though, and is aiming to build an ecosystem of products.

“The ultimate vision of having everything connected in a seamless way, that can only happen when you have multiple categories of products that are connected,” the OnePlus co-founder was quoted as saying.

In what seems like a shot at former company OnePlus, Pei also suggested that Nothing won’t “relabel somebody else’s products.”


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