Celebrating multi-national cultures this Hispanic Heritage Month | McAfee Blogs



Do you know the difference between Hispanic and Latino? What about the traditions that are important parts of the Hispanic culture? Or beloved Spanish or Portuguese phrases that don’t come across in English?

McAfee’s team spans 45 countries, making us a team rich in cultural diversity. We are always learning more about each other and celebrate Latin culture year-round. To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 – October 15, we’ve asked members of our McAfee Latino Community for their unique perspective on what being Latino means to them and to share more of the distinctive elements of their country of origin and traditions.

Check out some of the wonderful responses we received:

What Being Latino Means to Me:

Favorite Things About Being Latino:

We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by elevating the voices of our team members and celebrating the diverse backgrounds and cultures that make up McAfee.

Simply put, a welcoming work culture where every team member feels accepted and celebrated is part of our DNA. We value all voices which make up McAfee and appreciate how they further enrich our culture.

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