Cell phone theft, danger is around the corner: so you can avoid that they are cheating you


The better they are, the more likely you are to lose them. Or, worse, that they can be stolen from you. Mobile phones are now a valuable commodity, beyond mere cost. Inside a smartphone is everything, and sensitive data, card and contact numbers, passwords, not to mention. Love pictures and photos. This is an instrument that must be saved. By all means possible.

Fortunately, technology comes to our rescue. It depends on whether you use a designed smartphone or not the robot or from fair The most famous in the world, a burglar alarm can only do you good.

Cell phone theft, how not to lose all data – Cellulari.it

Many users Android I am already aware of an anti-theft system already integrated into my device. For those who don’t know, however, there is a very simple and intuitive path to follow. Just add an account Google with a tap settings, then account o synchronization, Then activate it Geolocation Verification is even easier to understand: Tap Settings, Google then Security, finally Find My Device.

An ad hoc anti-theft device for iPhone

This is only the initial step but necessary, since our smartphone can be detected. Go to the second phase. Starting from that page Find the device Google, access (obviously with the same Google account that we entered on the mobile), so that you can check the geographical location. And easy to play.

Find my iPhone - Cellulari.it 20220921
Find my iPhone – Cellulari.it

More or less the same thing happens Melafinini There’s an app that doesn’t need to be downloaded, as it’s basically the default for anyone with an iOS operating system 13 or older. It is where it is called. Also in this case, for Android smartphones, you need to add Apple ID, then follow the right path: Account Applel’app where, Once inside the Find My iPhone set of items.

which should be on “Active”. The last step is to go to iCloud, tap find iphone, Then another tap on the device. Please note, once “Active Block” is pressed, Apple Pay payments will also be blocked, so that no one can make payments through our payment method, but let’s remember to unblock.

Dedicated to those who don’t believe in what they have and look for others. There are inevitable applications. This includes handle, Compatible with both iPhone and Android, named Visionary in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant Security Service Edge– Protects your data whether in data center, public cloud or downloaded to the end That you don’t manage.

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