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In the last few hours Google has decided to change the look of its Play Store. A new logo has arrived, with even more modern and differently positioned colors. Here are all the details

For a while now, Google Has decided to focus heavily on all the services available to users with its ecosystem. This includes Play Store, Designed to download applications on all Android devices. Precisely in this regard, there is a news of the last hour on which it is worth living.

The Google Play Store with a new logo (Adobe Stock) is getting ready to change its look forever

The Mountain View Giant decided Update logo, With small changes which are actually almost invisible to the eye. 9to5 Explained by Google, the new features with an exclusive interface Google Pay is Gpay. The rest of the service will probably be updated with new modified graphics in a few weeks.

Here’s what you need to know about the Play Store, the new logo

Play Store 20220707
The rollout will soon be rolled out to all Big G ecosystem (Adobe Stock) applications.

9to5 Explained by Google, Big G has a thought Simple interface restyling Attached to the logo. A small change that has kept us interested for now Google Pay is Gpay, But in the future it should be extended to other services offered by Mountain View Company As you can see from the pictures, the triangle is always the same but now the angles will be more ৷ beveled and round. Also change the shape ratio for each individual color.

Now blue is predominant and more prominent than that Green, yellow and red. The color shades were then changed, which is more obvious and consistent with the apps Google Fit, Google Pay, Chrome and Gmail. Two examples from 9to5Google show what strategies BigG has adopted for its ecosystem. It remains to be seen whether and when it will be decided to apply the same graphic style to other services offered by the American giant. It should be a matter of weeksIf not.

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