Check out Malwarebytes’ amazing extended holiday sale



(Pocket-lint) – The internet is a marvelous place full of information and interesting content, but it’s also fair to say that, now more than ever, it can be a little bit risky to browse it without any protection.

Having good antivirus protection on your devices is a must, in our books, and one of the best ways to protect yourself is using Malwarebytes, a comprehensive bit of software that has the added bonus of including a VPN. Right now, it’s running an amazing, and extended, Holiday Sale which can save you a hefty bundle, so read on to find out why you should sign up. 

Unmatched threat scanning

The core of any antivirus system is how it detects threats and eliminates them as you browse and download without having to worry about yourself. The scanning that Malwarebytes brings to the table is some of the most advanced anywhere on the market – that’s why it’s the only cybersecurity software to ever earn a “flawless” cleanup score from AV Test.

For you, that translates simply to peace of mind. When you run a scan of your computer you can be confident that the software will catch everything and anything that might be out of place or suspicious. Plus, when it’s just running in the background, you can have the same level of assurance. 

Protection for Mac and PC

Of course, people use different types of computers, though – that’s why Malwarebytes has versions you can download for both Mac and Windows. Although Apple makes a big song and dance about Macs being hard to infect, it’s still eminently possible to get malware on them, so they’re well worth protecting.

Windows, meanwhile, might be the most popular OS in the world, but it’s also vulnerable to loads of different types of threat in its default state, so getting some antivirus on board should be one of your very first steps. 

Get anonymity in the package

As we mentioned in the introduction, though, Malwarebytes is remarkable for not just being a pure bit of antivirus software – it also packs in a VPN! This means that you get all the benefits of a virtual private network including in the bundle, which makes for simply outstanding value.

You can mask your identity for truly anonymous browsing and wave goodbye to trackers and adverts that follow you around the web. Plus, you can choose which server you’re bounced through to act as though you’re in that country, making you a digital tourist who can access whatever local sites they want, including different streaming libraries on the likes of Netflix. 

Don’t worry about scammers

Although some viruses might hide in downloads you mean to make, or on sites that have bad protections of their own, there are also loads of scammers out there on the web with more sophisticated ways to get at you. 

Malwarebytes has specific filters to ensure that it blocks out phishing sites, which are constructed to try to convince you to put your card details in under false pretenses. That means you can browse in total safety, not just from viruses but also from scams.

All in all, then, Malwarebytes represents superb value – but that value is even better than ever right now, during its superb extended Holiday Sale, which has knocked a superb 40% off its regular pricing, to make for an even more affordable dose of security. Check it out and download it for yourself today – don’t wait too long, though, as the sale ends on January 31st!


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