Check out The Simpsons Tribute to Death Note first




Horror specials Simpson Something that fans look forward to for years, even though many fans have stopped following the show due to its apparent low quality. And this 2022 This one is different, as the tradition is being split into two parts, a classic one with three horror segments and a parody chapter.

One of them has already been released, and now it’s time for the next special one to appear The most interesting thing is that one would devote oneself completely to imitation Letter written before death, where we see Lisa go through a drawing style change. There is even an advance, which has been appreciated by fans of both works, accidental and Japanese.

Here you can check it:

This collaborative special Letter written before death y Simpson It will be aired next Sunday October 30thIn channels like this they are and how Fox. It is not known if it will be broadcast in Latin America, but soon it will be transferred to streaming services such as they are Plus In our case. Since Disney Plus The Yellow series doesn’t have many seasons.

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