ChromeOS: Big Summer Update Planned (All Innovations)



Google wants to continue the ChromeOS operating system and Chromebooks and is therefore announcing a major update with many new functions that will be made available to many users starting this summer. Here we have summarized all the innovations for you.

So, among other things, there is now a Dark mode or a Google Photos and Calendar integration. The update will be rolled out in several phases starting with users August With ChromeOS 104. However, depending on the region, device and such effects, it may take longer until the update finally reaches you.

Dark mode

After dark mode found its way to all possible operating systems like Windows, macOS or Android and iOS, Google is also suiting up with ChromeOS. In addition to manual controls, there are of course automatic adjustments based on the time of day. Applications and surfaces as well as isolated background images will fit it.

Google Photos innovation and integration

With the new update to Google Photos, video editing is also possible on Chromebooks, so you’ll be able to create simple videos from different photos and videos, do a simple amount of editing and color correction. Google Photos will likely make it available on devices other than Chromebooks in the fall.

Image: Google

Additionally, Google Photos is now integrated into ChromeOS. As with Android smartphones, images can be automatically synchronized and then displayed in the media selection.

Image: Google

Google Calendar is also integrated with the operating system. Clicking the date in the lower taskbar opens a calendar view where all appointments are synchronized.

Image: Google

Save the virtual desktop

With the iPadOS 16 update, Apple added “Stage Manager” that lets you save preset window positions. Along with Virtual Desktop, this feature has been made available to ChromeOS users. Users can now save windows with their location and restore them with one click. This should be a convenient feature for users who frequently work with multiple window groups.

Edit PDFs locally

With the new update, the Gallery app integrated into the file manager now has the ability to search and edit PDF documents directly, including adding a virtual signature, marking or adding your own text to the document.

Image: Google


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