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Cinenick Mini Mag Caddy Introduced

Nicholas Wise, a New York City-based cinematographer (and apparently a very decent engineer) has launched a nifty accessory for RED users: the Cinenick Mini-Mag Caddy.

This tiny device attaches to regular RED Mini Mags and gives AC’s all the information they need at a glance. It also has a clear “status” indicator so you know immediately if the mag has been offloaded properly or not.

Cinenick Mag Mini Caddy
Image credit: Cinenick

Cinenick Mini Mag Caddy

Basically, the Cinenick Mini Mag Caddy is “just” a piece of milled, black anodized aluminum. This makes it a very good match for the design of the RED camera. Contoured finger grips help with handling the mags.

Two acrylic inserts on the front can be used by AC’s to mark the appropriate camera and reel no. The mini mag caddies also indicate the capacity of the drive inserted (you can specify the desired capacity when ordering).

As soon as you have inserted the Mini Mag into a RED DSMC or DSMC2 camera (note: Komodo uses CFAST 2.0 cards), the “Status” switch changes from green to red. This way you always know if the respective mag has been potentially used. The DIT can then unload the card and flip the switch back to green so the AC’s know it’s safe to format the card. No more tape all over mags, cameras and computers.

On the back of each Cinenick Mini Mag Caddy is a space for your custom design. When you order these caddies, you can submit an *.EPS file with your custom design and/or logo.


The caddy is available for pre-order in the Cinenick Shop. Once your order is placed (and you have submitted the desired capacity label and custom *.EPS file), your caddy will be customized and shipped.

One Mini Mag Caddy sells for $95, but you can get a discount when ordering a 4-pack (10% off) or an 8-pack (20% off).

Links: Cinenick store

Are you a RED shooter? Might this handy accessory be worth a closer look? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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