Cip & Dale: Special agents are accused of stealing Sora’s drawings made by a fan.


SIP and Dell: Special Agent Received a rather annoying complaint: Theft Of a drawing Sora Created by a fan and published in Deviant Art. The film features a number of cameos, including the ugly Sonic, the Simpsons, one from South Park and one from My Little Cheese.

Mentioned characters include Sora in the series The soul of the kingdom, In which the hairstyle and the Kingdom key are displayed. According to the complaint, the hair was taken from a user’s design kimbolie12 on Deviant Art.

As you can see, the original drawing was shared on a tweet, which it looks like Trace (Like all those published in Diviant Art, above all), which is compared to the hairstyle seen in the film. Apparently they match in line and shape.

Surprisingly, a Disney artist had to resort to a similar proposition, due to the fact that multinational Sora owns the rights and it was certainly not difficult to access an official drawing, even by searching it in Google Images.

To make it even more unfamiliar the looted drawing is from 2015 and it is not very easy to find. So in the bag that was going to put that hairstyle he must have done a certain search to get that image.

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